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LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease


Our Mission is...
to bridge the gap between basic and translational research into microbial and viral pathogenesis. Learn More


Understanding the biological principles that underlie the mechanisms by which infectious agents adapt to and undermine the defense mechanisms of a host organism is critical for the development of therapeutic agents to fight disease. The LaMontagne Center for Infectious Disease conducts basic and translational research into the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal infections and strategies for their prophylaxis and therapy. The LaMontagne Center was established at The University of Texas at Austin in November 2013 as the Center for Infectious Disease (CID) and was renamed just over three years later for scientist and public health champion John Ring LaMontagne.  The LaMontagne Center, while located within the College of Natural Sciences, is composed of highly interdisciplinary researchers spanning at least four colleges: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy, and the Dell Medical School.

Infectious Disease News

A New Way to Disarm Antibiotic Resistance in Deadly Bacteria An antibiotic resistant bacterium (Klebsiella pneumoniae) is treated solely with the last-resort antibiotic imipenem (right); and with a combination of imipenem and a DsbA inhibitor, causing it to rupture and die. Image credit: Nikol Kadeřábková.

Scientists think they may have uncovered a whole new approach to fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which, if successful, would help address a health crisis responsible for more deaths every year than either AIDS or malaria.

COVID Forecasting Method Proves It Can Reliably Guide City's Response Illustration by Jenna Luecke

Using cellphone mobility data and COVID-19 hospital admissions data, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have reliably forecast regional hospital demands for almost two years, according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The forecasting system, which municipal authorities credit with helping Austin maintain the lowest COVID-19 death rate among all large Texas cities, has been built out for use by 22 municipal areas in Texas and can be used by any city to guide COVID-19 responses as the virus continues to spread.

CNS Faculty Elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Three College of Natural Sciences faculty members members have been elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world's largest general scientific society. In total, six faculty members from The University of Texas at Austin were elected this year. The honor recognizes important contributions to ...
Adapting the Frequency of COVID-19 Testing Depending on Transmission Rate and Community Immunity Illustration by Jenna Luecke

Expanding rapid testing stands out as an affordable way to help mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 and emerging variants. Infectious disease researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a new model that tailors testing recommendations to new variants and likely immunity levels in a community, offering a new strategy as public health leaders seek a way out of a pandemic that has so far thwarted the best efforts to end its spread. It is the first study to identify optimal levels of testing in a partially immunized population.

Mary K. Estes, PH. D.

Lecture Series - March 23rd, 2020 - MARY K. ESTES, PH.D.

Distinguished Professor of Virology and Microbiology Baylor College of Medicine.
Where: Etter-Harbin Alumni Center on UT-Austin Main Campus

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HIV Hidden in Patients' Cells

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May 23, 2022

Low-Cost Gel Film Can Pluck Drinking Water From Desert Air

More than a third of the world’s population lives in drylands, areas that experience significant water shortages

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May 18, 2022

UT Researchers Aim to Change the Cancer Equation

Cancer is arguably the greatest health challenge of our time

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May 13, 2022

UT Supercomputer Helps Unveil Black Hole at Our Galaxy’s Heart

As astronomers look out at the distant cosmos, it’s only natural that they would also look inward, to the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way

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May 9, 2022

Newly Discovered Lake May Hold Secret to Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Rise and Fall

Scientists investigating the underside of the world’s largest ice sheet in East Antarctica have discovered a city-size lake whose sediments might contain a history of the ice sheet since its earliest beginnings

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